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Locksmith Phoenix offers a dependable and high-quality installation of locks and other security hardware for your building, meaning that property owners always have everything they need for a top-notch security. Locksmith Phoenix founder Luca Schofield, a University Of Phoenix alumni, worked as a mechanical assistant in a Locksmithing company before starting his own entrepreneurial experiment. After some heavy investment and a crowdfunding campaign to help grow the company, Luca managed to achieve profitability and claimed his place in the highly competitive security field.


In 2013, Luca came to Phoenix and applied for a Startup Loan, focusing on security hardware and locksmithing. His experience in the field gave him the confidence to venture in the uncertainty of becoming independent. He says “When I opened Locksmith Phoenix I was living in a small apartment. I heard good things about Phoenix and its economy, so I decided to go for a small startup. The crucial part was getting the loans and financial support, but thankfully the people’s kindness in this country knows no boundaries.”

He describes his adventure as an opportunity to grow. Locksmith Phoenix’s promise is to make sure that every home we service gets what it needs to make burglary and illegal trespassing virtually impossible. “As a consumer myself, I never was satisfied with any locksmith I hired. Delays, overcharges, and bad work were too common. I tried to change that when I worked in previous companies, but sometimes service quality depends on the whole business structure, so I decided to start my own company and make a difference.”

Working with the best

Once the financial part was covered, Luca involved talented professionals in the business. “I needed the best people in each field, as it is impossible to do everything myself. I designed Locksmith Phoenix to be a scalable business so we can adapt better to market changes. We are all in constant communication, and we follow strict quality and ethical rules.”

Today we hold a solid business with a constant tendency to grow. Our priority is to develop policies that allow us to adapt to future changes and provide our customers with what they want. The future holds many opportunities, and Locksmith Phoenix will seize them without hesitation, especially because Phoenix is among the most populated locations in the entire country, and still maintains a steady growth.